24 Hours in Boston with Kids

We had the opportunity to visit Boston but time was short and so with just under 24 hours to see the city we wanted to experience as much as possible.

We arrived just after two and, after parking the car, headed to the Greenway. - a large open green space in amongst the hustle and bustle. We meandered along the space spotting the large public art that was on display. After a short while we reached the water fountains where scores of children were running freely in them. Our two stripped off to their shorts and joined in - a perfect chance to cool down. Refreshed and a little damp we headed to the water front and enjoyed a hot dog snack on picnic tables in front of the New England Aquarium. As time was of the essence we opted to see the city via the City sight seeing trolley. We exited the trolley at the USS Constitution Museum and enjoyed a trip around the boat (free with photo ID) and soaked up the history. We jumped aboard the trolley once more and headed to the Boston public gardens where the swan boats sail. Sadly we were too late for a boat ride this time but they looked great fun. We took a stroll through the gardens before briefly recharging at the hotel.


The city has a unique trial - the freedom trial - which you can navigate independently following a red brick path. The path leads you to a variety of buildings and monuments all with historical significance. We followed the trial and the children enjoyed both following the path and spotting the buildings. We found ourselves, hungry, at the North End. This is a perfect place to stop for food. However, Friday night in Boston is BUSY and these Italian restaurants are popular. After being told there was an hour wait for a table we headed back to Quincy Market where we ate. We finished the evening buying light up catapults from a street seller and joined a number of tourists launching them into the sky - with varying degrees of success. Time was short the next day so we headed back through Quincy market to the harbour where we purchased the necessary Red Sox hats and had a ride on the Greenway Carousel before bidding bon voyage to the city.


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