A Trip to Cadburys World by Jenna Herycz

A Trip to Cadburys World by Jenna Herycz


As soon as you open your car door, you are normally hit with the yummiest smell EVER.. Chocolate!!  But this certainly wasn’t the case for us last Monday as we had to park so far away from the factory because Cadbury’s World was absolutely PACKED!! It was the Easter Holidays so to be fair, it was to be expected, but it was a shame because I always look forward to that smell whenever I go there!


So anyhow, back to the blog.  When you buy your ticket, you have to select a time and when your time arrives, you and your group, along with other people who booked on your selected time are ushered in.  You are handed some delicious chocolate whilst they scan your ticket (who doesn’t love ‘free’ chocolate, although you are obviously paying for it when you buy your admission tickets which aren’t exactly cheap). You are then transported from the Cadbury World reception to a dark Jungle where there are many different rooms and videos which inform you about how chocolate used to be made and how they make it today.  The best room is where your chair starts shaking from side to side as if you are being tossed around like a Cocoa Bean - I won’t spoil what else happens but that part is always a good giggle and a jiggle!



I’m not going to carry on with a step by step of what we did there otherwise it would be a LONG post, but I will cover a few of my favourite parts:



  1. Car ride – My daughter Alana is 18 months old and was absolutely mesmerized by this ride! After sweating from running after her and trying to keep her in the queues all day long, it was so nice to sit down and just watch her little face light up as she watched all the little cocoa beans! I just wished it lasted a little longer as I was enjoying the peace and quiet ;)
  2. Melted Chocolate testing – Mmmmmmm you are given a pot of melted chocolate and you get to choose two yummy toppings to add to it! Absolutely divine!
  3. Interactive games – This section is perfect for the children!! There are lots of different fun, chocolate-inspired games that are perfect to help your little ones get rid of all their wriggles haha!
  4. Freddo Frog’s Birthday Party – It started raining whilst we were outside in the play park so we decided to head indoors and we managed to get a seat in the show.  It was a lot of fun for both the children and the adults! Alana enjoyed dancing to the music! A cheeky water gun squirted poor little Ernie but luckily he didn’t mind - just be aware that if you are on the front row, you’ll probably get wet haha!!


We did love the day, but I must admit, when I’ve been to Cadbury’s World in the past, you were able to see so many more chocolate making demonstrations, you were given much more ‘free’ chocolate and you could watch how all the chocolates are packaged and sent away!  That said, it’s still a really fun day out for everyone and it’s pretty interesting to find out about where and how Cadbury’s first started! Just make sure to book in advance because it can get really busy which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise as everyone loves chocolate!!!


My all-time favourite chocolate bar is without doubt the Cadburys Dairy Milk Whole Nut bar! YUM!!  In fact, I think I’ll treat myself to one now!!



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