A trip to the Enchanted Forest

A trip to the Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest and the Roller Coaster Restaurant
 We stayed overnight in the relatively new woodland lodges at Alton Towers. The lodges are super cute and look adorable positioned higeldy pigledy in little cul-de-sacs complete with toadstools and fairy lights!

Inside the compact accommodation we found a double bed, bathroom and in a separate room was bunk beds and a spare single bed and cot so plenty of room for our family of four. Our favourite bit was the fairy door in the middle of the main room with its own window that, as if by magic, lit up. The one year old enjoyed knocking at the door and trying to prise the door open to find the fairies while the three year old was full of new found wonder about fairies and he was sure he spotted a few flying in the sky during our late night walk.

Each cul-de-dac in the enchanted forest has a little piece of play equipment and we enjoyed finding these and having a go as we walked for our evening meal.
We had pre booked a table at the Roller coaster Restaurant which is inside the park. For anyone who knows the park well this is situated inside what used to be the air gift shop. This quirky restaurant sees your food delivered to you via "rollercoaster." You have to share your table with other guests but the whole contraption of the rollercoaster in the middle of the table meant this doesn't matter and we found our fellow diners friendly and fun.

You get to order via iPad and are warned not to order everything at once as the food comes quickly - literally fast food! We ordered kids meals - chicken nuggets for one and macaroni cheese for the other - and before we could blink they came crashing down the roller coaster. Each meal arrives in a metal saucepan container which you then transfer onto a plate so it isn't especially fancy. Fine dining this is not but super fun especially with kids. It is quite pricey for what it is with a kids main meal costing £7.95 (not including drink and dessert). This is a fun, one off visit type restaurant.

I would definitely recommend if you are visiting Alton Towers as I for one have never experienced anything like it and we all enjoyed watching the food whizz around the restaurant on its way to the table. Fun, fun, fun and doesn't take itself too seriously!


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