For the Love of Theatre!

For the Love of Theatre!

I braved the theatre for last weekend with my three year old. As we took our seats before the curtain was raised he turned to me and said "Can we come again tomorrow?" I thought this somewhat peculiar as we hadn't watched anything as yet but then I realised a trip to the theatre is so much more than what's on stage! The awe and wonder at the huge theatre space, the excitement of the flip up chairs that are a balancing act for any child to sit on, the expectation of what it to come and that is aside from the interval and the promise of an ice cream!!



The performance - The Owl Who Was afraid of the Dark - transfixed him for an hour and afterwards he regaled the story with gusto! Now that we are "into" theatre! I have been looking at new things to watch!



The  Gruffalo's Child which is coming to the Civic in April. He's already spotted the poster on the way out of the Civic and is very keen!!!



Chitty Chitty Bang bang the musical tour! Favourite film as a stage show! A must see for sure! 



Monstersaurus at the Hammersmith Lyric. We went to see Raymond's Briggs Father Christmas there last year and this tiny little theatre is great for kids and so easy to get to from Chelmsford.  



Toddler and other terrific tales at The Mercury  theatre Colchester. To



feed our love of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler (creators of The Gruffalo). 






What have you taken your children to see? Would love some other recommendations! 



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