How to pack your house around a tornado toddler

When I moved house I asked everyone and anyone for packing tips, especially with a one and a half year old child “helping” me. The overwhelming response was “don’t,” get a professional. Well that just didn’t fly with our budget so having worked this out the hard way, I’m going to share my new found tips so we can all claim packing prowess.


My first piece of advice involves grabbing a basket/small box/ receptacle of some kind. After a mouth drying 3 minutes of “where’s the scissors, have you got them darling,” I can hand on heart say keep all packing equipment in that basket. I took it everywhere around the house with me, kept tapes, pens and a pair of scissors in it out of reach of my little munchkin.


Another top tip was to keep a packing activity bag at the ready. Whenever I wanted 10 minutes with both my hands free I would plonk the little helper in a big box, crack open the activity bag (I used stickers and crayons) and leave her to decorate the inside of the box while I packed another. Getting to revisit the artwork in your new home is an added bonus!


I find it quite easy to fall silent when I’m engrossed in a task. I had to keep reminding myself to chatter lightheartedly about the house move, her lovely new bedroom, fun new garden and what we’ll do in it etc while I packed. She can’t really tell me so, but I imagine I’m not the only one feeling stressed about the move as she watches her entire world disappear into cardboard boxes. So keep talking about it and keep going out the house to the park to let off steam (both of you, I dare you to go on that slide, it feels amazing).


So there you have it, a packed house, a toddler and one just about still sane grown up.


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