Malleable Materials with the Little Miss - bread

Malleable Materials with the Little Miss - bread

This week's malleable material was bread dough. I decided to coincide exploring malleable material with baking.

The whirr of the Kenwood Chef mixing the dough was a great attraction and the Little Miss loved turning the dial and watching the dough be mixed but was wary of the loud noise it made.

Then came the fun: kneading the dough. Bread dough has a different consistency to play dough that she had explored before which provided a new experience.

The dough was bashed, stretched, prodded and poked several times over. Kneading the dough was a great work out for the fingers too. Using dough is great to build finger strength which in turn helps pen control and mark making. It is for that reason that we use dough in our Little Stars Phonics classes each week.

After the kneading we turned the dough into bread rolls. This was a trickier for the Little Miss but it didn't really matter the shape of the rolls.

We then put the rolls to one side to prove. We watched the rolls rise and double in size with fascination and it was an opportunity to introduce words like bigger, growing and changing. Finally they were popped on the oven before we all devoured the fresh warm bread with soup for lunch. It made a change for a malleable experience to have an end result and a delicious one at that!

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